Saturday, 7 October 2017

Gucci Spring/Summer 2018

A glam rock extravaganza, with clear references to pop superstar, Elton John. 
This eclectic and funky collection would certainly fit in with the Studio 54 era due to its clashing colours and exquisite embroidery. 

Gucci transported the audience to Ancient Rome, with Greek and Roman statues, effigies of Egyptian gods, all set beside a cobalt blue runway. This created a dark and ominous set which excited fashion bigwigs and certainly captivated social media.

Alessandro Michele enthused his vintage love affair and pop culture pizzazz, to create an original and diverse show for fashion lovers. 

The collection was a clear standout at Milan. A colour pallet so vivid it denoted the revolution of the seventies music. Popping purples, daring reds and the hottest pinks were splashed onto Gucci's latest collection, with clashing patterns used in abundance; a trend perpetuated by Michele. 

Glitter, sparkles and lots of stars were rampant throughout the collection - adorned on exquisite power blazers, dresses and sparkle tights. All these party outfits were a nod to Elton Johns earlier stage wear. Michele is a designer with a clear love of seventies nostalgia, it was only a matter of time he would reference Elton John, a pop star synonymous of this era. 

With signature stripes and the Gucci logo implemented onto the whole collection in cute and ironic ways, this created an excellent ready-to-wear collection.

Since his appointment as creative director of Gucci, he has been proactive in creating gender fluid and diverse collections for men and women.

"I am trying to push the idea of fashion, and to destroy the old codes of fashion,” said Michele.

Disney favourite Snow White and Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny, also made an appearance. Placed carefully on men's waistcoats and sweaters, adding a hint of adolescence. Pop culture references appeal to Gucci's younger target audience and play an iconic twist on the Ancient Rome themed runway. 

With a wealth of experience in creating fabulous, fashion statement garments for Gucci, this collection did not disappoint. Michele's vision has added youth and fun to the Italian fashion brand and really changed its direction. 

Mysterious girl: Fashion Week's enigmatic woman

Something kind of ominous yet wonderful happened at last month’s Fashion Week. Every now and then, a mysterious figure would emerge onto the runway, her face, carefully hidden behind enlarged, decorative accessories. Although it was apparent that each collection was visibly different, each of these hidden girls had one specific thing in common: they carried an air of mystery.
Mystique is somewhat unusual in the industry. International fashion shows happily dwell on and perpetuate the obvious in regards to the female physique. Sex sells, or so the adage goes, and the more skin visible, the better – think Tom Ford for Gucci or Stella McCartney for Chloe.

So naturally the unspeakable sense of mystery around the women on the catwalk raised questions. Who were these women? Why were they so enigmatic? Why hide their faces? And what were the designers representing by adding these ‘unidentifiable’ women to their newest collections?

We were first introduced to the ‘mystery woman’ in London at the A.W.A.K.E show. Natalia Alaverdian, the creative director, implemented the trend. Models wore eccentric designs, all adorned by quirky, ‘hand-shaped’ belts and the tallest of hats that completely covered the models’ eyes. The models were certainly not there to be recognised.
Versace inserted obvious opulence into their ‘mysterious woman’ at Milan Fashion Week. The girls all dressed in vintage pieces from the Versace archives, some garnished with black eye-wear and patterned scarfs, wrapped around the their heads and necks – showing just a smidgen of their faces.

The trend continued in Milan. Gucci dressed its models in eclectic designs, topped off with gigantic, glittered eye-wear, oversized hats and leather chokers. All these embellishments made it near-impossible to see the models’ faces.

Gucci is famed for its models’ enigmatic presence on the runway and its vintage yet playful flair that exudes pure sartorial poetry. Just think back to Alessandro Michele’s last Ready-to-Wear show for Gucci. One model was completely covered in a glitter bodysuit. Even though she was unrecognisable, she was certainly the girl on everyone’s perfectly plump lips.

Versace inserted obvious opulence into their ‘mysterious woman’ at Milan Fashion Week. The girls all dressed in vintage pieces from the Versace archives, some garnished with black eyewear and patterned scarfs, wrapped around the their heads and necks – showing just a smidgen of their faces.

Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters, and mother and daughter duo, Cindy and Kaia, were all present at the Versace show. But the spotlight was firmly on the strange presence.

The mystery continued with dramatic amplification at Maison Margiela in Paris. A collection catered for the ‘woman on the go’, models were sent down the runway in deconstructed raincoats, carrying a bulk of bags, their face hidden by dramatic eye-wear, an eye-mask worn as a head-piece, dishevelled hair and a travellers pillow, placed around her neck, used as a quirky alternative to a chunky necklace. The mystery of the hidden woman continued, but this time, where was she going?

It may not be spring for us just yet, but the fashion compass has been firmly set and has given us a glimpse into what the fashion woman should be wearing next year. Regardless of whatever subdued message the designers are evoking with their ominous looks, one thing is for certain: next year’s fashion trends look to be a strange one.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Amsterdam – exploring sex, legal highs and food

You’ve booked a city break to Amsterdam for the weekend, so grab a bicycle, head to a coffee shop for a lounge and a space cake, then end the night sauntering down the infamous Red-light district for fun frolics. Amsterdam is a city with much more depth, with obvious contrasts and within an abundance of charm. 

The city is full to the brim with wide, paved streets set next to glimmering canals and houseboats. The tall buildings stand to a halt, yet look ever-so-slightly tilted towards the cobbled streets. The benevolent atmosphere transcends the fresh Amsterdam air, with the locals traditionally greeting with three kisses, and ultimately creating a magical city, patiently waiting to be explored.
Being immersed fully into the relaxed culture is absolutely infectious and a must when visiting. The calm way of living is prolific and truly denotes Amsterdam’s positive vibes. A lack of traffic around the city could be a main factor into its relaxed atmosphere; with the most favourable way of transport for many Amsterdammers being bicycles. This is not surprising, considering it’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, with most streets possessing dedicated cycle lanes. Pedestrians, make sure to listen out for the gentle sound of bicycle bells when stepping out onto a road.
A picturesque view. Amsterdam has over 165 canals and over 1,200 bridges. Not a surprise then, that the most photographed spots for curious tourists are along the peaceful canals next to the a row of adorable bicycles. Venturing around the canals truly does feel like a scintillating maze and exploring through them becomes a fun pastime. The waterways are certainly emblematic to the city.
When in Amsterdam, the first food thought should be ‘kroket’. This is a deep fried roll with meat ragout or potato inside, covered in delicious breadcrumbs – an Amsterdam necessity when it comes to snacking and can be found in almost every food outlet. Consider grabbing one whilst strolling around the cobbled streets of the Red-light district – truly scrumptious even on the go.
The Red-light district is inexplicably one of the Amsterdam’s biggest hot-spots for both tourists and locals. An area famous for its very legal sexual-activities and adventures. Just make sure not to take pictures of the women behind the windows, they are certainly not afraid of dishing out verbally abuse for it. Many people are unaware of the difference in colours of the lights behind the windows where the girls provocatively stand. If it is blue, she was not born a woman, a handy tip for tourists.
Visitors can easily venture into one of the many sex shops for a browse or simply watch a ‘peep show’ for just a Euro; standing in a little booth whilst the half naked woman rolls around a bed for her viewers is certainly a memorable experience for everyone, before heading for a night of fun with friends.
A budding gay scene is also present within the city, with large sets of cutting-edge gay bars located in the city centre. The main street, Reguliersdwarsstraat, is home to popular bars including Taboo and Club Nyx – where there is sure to be a sing-along to a RuPaul classic with a dashing bartender. For those visiting in August, enjoy the Gay Pride that is famous around the world, with one of the most picturesque parades that happens along the beautiful canals.
A visit to a coffee shop in Amsterdam to try a space cake should be a fundamental activity for visitors to truly experience the carefree, Dutch culture. These feature rooms as dark as nightclubs, all filled with the comfiest of sofas, spread around the chilled room. After relaxing in a chosen spot, a menu by a friendly Amsterdammer, provides a choice of scrumptious flavoured cakes; with the added high of marijuana.
Another legal high available in the city are magic truffles. Exploring any street in the city to find many neon-lit shops, excessively filled with quirky accessories and sickly-sweet chewing gums and every flavoured Fanta, these will stock the legal drug. Magic truffles range in strength and provide psychedelic experiences that include vivid, visual effects and colours and also create philosophical ways of thinking; and also infectious giggles.
A city with so much promise and tranquillity, where sex and certain highs are completely legal, Amsterdam is certainly a city everyone should visit. Entre nous, Amsterdam is certainly my favourite European hot-spot this summer.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Another One Bites the Dust: Lindsey Wixson Retires

Fashions favourite gap-toothed model; with her signature bubble lips, has enthralled the fashion elite for many years due to her flawless walk and impeccable ability to capture a beautiful moment on camera. A moment that demarcated her apart from all the other budding models; this moment is something that has made her an icon in the industry. However sadly she's waving au revoir to the catwalk.

Lindsey Wixson has become a sine qua non for fashion weeks, being adored by top fashion designers. Her Quintessential American Charm and conspicuous beauty has propelled her into fashion heights only one could blissfully dream of. 

Discovered at 15-years-old, Lindsey was hand-selected by the legendary photographer, Steven Meisel, for an editorial in Vogue Italia. Her unique look was then quickly noticed by Miuccia Prada, whom used Lindsey as an exclusive for both Prada and Miu Miu for many seasons. 

The American beauty served up a euphonic buffet of major campaigns throughout her career including: Dior, Chanel, Miu Miu and Versace. Lindsey has also booked covers for titles including Purple, I-D and CR fashion book; her fashion resume looks extremely impressive. But after reaching catastrophic heights in the fashion industry at only 23-years-old, she has recently revealed via Instagram that she will be sadly retiring from the business, due to a painful foot injury, therefore focusing on the Pottery and Interior industry.
"To all my fashion fans, I am sad to inform you that my injury has put me in a position to retire from this high heel business," Wixson stated. 
So as another fashion favourite hangs up her towering heels and leaves the cut-throat and glamorous industry, take a look back at the other iconic supermodels that indefinitely left their mark in fashion and retired. 
Gemma Ward
When you think of 00s models, Gemma Ward quickly springs to mind. A face that transports you to another realm, Gemma could be seen as a fashion enigma. The Australian model knew how to capture a beautiful image, whether that was for shooting campaigns for Galliano, or being the youngest model on the cover of American Vogue at the age of 16.
Her stare transfixed you, with ambiguity behind her intense, juvenile stare. The leader of the baby-doll faced era; think Heather Marks, Vlada Roslyakova and Lily Cole. 
Gemma's agent officially announced her retiring from the industry after her notable absence in 2009. The Australian beauty chose to focus on her acting career, staring in roles including The Black Balloon and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
With a brief return in 2014; walking exclusively for Prada and shooting their campaign, the model failed to reach the fashion heights she once had. 
Agyness Deyn 
Quirky, cool and effortlessly cool. Androgynous beauty, Agyness Deyn, made an entire career from her sexual ambiguity and her edgy, peroxide pixie-cut. The British model was featured on Vogue covers around the world, and was a favourite for British fashion label, Burberry.
However after all her success, Agyness revealed in 2012 that she had retired from modelling in an interview with The Independent. 
"I suppose I have stopped modelling officially. I've not done any for a good long while now. I think it was about four years ago when my feelings were changing towards the industry. I didn't hate it, but I was yearning to do something different. I was on a gradient. It was a gradual thing."
Since retiring, she has dabbled in music, starred in Clash of the Titans, appeared in the West End and most recently been filming, 'Hard Sun', a pre-apocalyptic crime drama for the BBC. 
Julia Nobis
In the seven years that Julia made her fashion debut on the runway for an exclusive for Calvin Klein, she's quickly grew as one of fashions favourites runway girls and became instantly emblematic of the era, due to her beguiling look and fierce walk.
Her fashion tenure has been extremely impressive, after being fully embraced by fashion bigwigs like Raf Simons, Karl Lagerfeld and Phoebe Philo, she went onto walk for every major fashion house and landed prestigious campaigns including Celine, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Prada. 
Australian native Julia has impressively juggled her fashion career whilst studying for a degree in medicine, with dreams of becoming an ER doctor.
The fashion industry was never at the forefront of Julia's mind, previously stating, "Modelling was never my end goal."
In 2017 it was reported that Julia had decided to end her successful career in fashion and focus on her career as an ER doctor.


Thursday, 22 June 2017

What Would the Sex & the City Girls Be Wearing in 2017?

It is hard to believe, isn't it? Nearly two decades ago, a New York based TV show, with relatively known characters was introduced, which was to take the world by a catastrophic storm. The birth of Sex and the City revolutionised the concept of the 'modern woman' and showed us that there is a lot more to womanhood than meets the eye.

The series rose to prominence in the late 90s due to the elusive idea that you were a "fly-on-the-wall" to these four savvy, women's conversations of the New York dating scene. These conversations were something so many viewers could easily relate to, and this was a big part in the shows success. The show immersed you into the troubling and entertaining dating world of the 20th century. You felt ever so intrusive in a sense, to be sitting at the dinner table with them, whilst the sexually adventurous Samantha shockingly reveals, "I'm dating a guy with the funkiest tasting spunk!" Or the ever so prudish Charlotte proclaims a guy she has been dating, "fell asleep whilst making love to her." They epitomised the young woman of that era. The show however also tackled serious issues like: infidelity, safe sex, sexuality, promiscuity whilst always keeping the epicentre of it comedic at heart.

Sex and the city is a series that transcended the boundaries of style, class and culture, with the piecing together of tremendous fashion and humorous dating troubles. The combination ultimately created a chic and classic series that was made so compelling to watch and was also perpetuated throughout the two movie sequels. Their style of dressing was uncomplicated, yet well planned and trendsetting due to the magic of Patricia Field. But after seventeen years of changing fashion trends, what would the four characters actually be wearing in 2017? As Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashion fades, style is eternal", and honey, this show has immense style.

Carrie Bradshaw

As the main protagonist of the show, all fashion eyes were on her. Her style was cool, comfortable yet kitsch. She was not afraid to make a statement; if you think back to her Dior newspaper dress that ironically told a thousand words. When it came to footwear Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo are never far from her closet, as the fashionista once said, "I like my money where I can see it... Hanging in my closet."

What would she be wearing now? Peter Pilotto SS17 

Samantha Jones

Legs or cleavage? It was never a style choice for the fourty-something glamour puss. The feisty cougar of the foursome, yet that never showed with her style choices. She was always ahead of the fashion pack, whether that was attaining the rarity of a Birkin bag or finding that perfect dress that would just make a guy cum in his pants as soon as he saw her. Vivid colours and darish accessories were just something she would be widely remembered for. Samantha's wardrobe would be adorned with embellished Balmain and the most colourful Christian Louboutin's.

What would she be wearing? Balmain SS17

Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Charlotte loved a feminine, floral print. Her style was ladylike yet simple and coy. The most feminine of the group, she was known for a simple blouse and a ever-so-charming pastel prom skirt, she was never far from a pearl. She loved to finish her look off with a slick ponytail and a pretty Lady Dior handbag.

What would she be wearing? Victoria Beckham SS17

Miranda Hobbes

Easily mistaken for the tomboy, Miranda's style was trendsetting yet understated. As the Lawyer and Mummy of the group, she would never be far from a trouser suit or a crisp white shirt. Brands like Theory and Helmut Lang were worn by the redhead. Her style was ever-changing, from button-up shirts to breezy dresses, she could always pull it off.

What would she be wearing? Hermes SS17

Oh please return to our screens girls...

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 Womenswear | Milan Fashion Week

A collection of gender fluidity pieces mixed with pop culture and Renaissance. Gucci's perpetual essence is captured within their latest collection in Milan. The brand presented elevated day-and-evening wear yesterday which really enthralled fashions elite.

Only the delicately piercing sound of a cricket could be heard at the Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 fashion show, before a hauntingly beautiful violin filled the pitched-black room with conspicuous sounds. Sounds that made the littlest of hairs on the back of your neck stand to a strong halt in tension. Those sounds started and completed the show...

The scene was set for a spine-chilling thriller movie, the ones you watched when you were a kid, and would ultimately end up sleeping in your parents bedroom due to harrowing nightmares. Fashion bigwigs filled the front row as the room, filled with 250,000 mirrored sequins, dramatically flashed lights for a matter of seconds, before transforming the room into a deep, plush-pink space. Which resulted in a beautiful fashion masterpiece for Gucci's SS17 - a step further from his all green men's catwalk show.

The models walked ghostly down the Gucci striped catwalk, slowly; as if like zombies, in their towering Gucci styled wedges. Juxtapose this against the fast-paced, theatrical Florence & The Machine music, this created a chilling vibe for the show.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci's creative director, keen to once again deliver another iconic moment for Gucci, designed a masterpiece, with a theatrical delight that could win an Oscar. His trendsetting and luxuriously-unique looks have gone from strength-to-strength each season, with his latest offering possibly being the designers culmination of his career so far.

The collection was overloaded with references to the Renaissance, with  evening dresses with a giant embroidered heart, pierced with a sword and the numerals "XXV" inside it. As well as a radical and witty black, silk satin, floor length evening gown, with gold sequinned, pineapple shaped sleeves. The dress, which caught the attention of many, had two symmetrical sequinned parrots embroiled into the dress with feathers adding to the beauty. The animal theme was very prominent within the show. A citrus orange coat with two symmetrical zebras also made a bold and modern statement.

As well as these references, Alessandro's vision to intertwine both men's and female fashion was clearly seen within this collection. The designer has been praised for his gender fluidity garments in his previous collections and he's certainly carrying on this tradition. Women in trouser suits and a waist coat, as well as dresses, paired bravely with trousers. Then the men walked alongside the women in a pale, macaroon-pink trench coat with soft-yellow flowers embossed on it. As well as Alessandro's signature gold ribbon, made famous from his previous women's collection, placed firmly on a hot pink male jumper.

Each look was meticulously styled, with even the last minuscule sequin being delicately placed to create a scintillating showpiece. Serpents, statement-making coats, western ruffles and that pineapple sleeved evening dress were snapped instantly on smartphones by the fashions front row, ready for an Instagram upload to impress.

The deepest shades of red, purple and gold were seen heavily within the collection. Many of the outfits each had a shiny red ribbon wrapped carefully, to top the look - you could say the cherry on top of the deliciously scrumptious cake.

The bigger the better when it came to accessories for the dramatic show. Models were adorned by exquisitely oversized accessories. Oversized sunglasses, oversized hats, oversized earrings, and a oversized binocular necklace. But the oversized accessories didn't do anything but add to the beauty of each look.

Gucci has certainly cemented its luxurious crown firmly back on top of its head, as the hottest show in Milan fashion week since Alessandro's revival of the iconic Italian brand. The latest collection did not disappoint, and with the theatricality even Galliano would envy, the designer is certainly taking Gucci to a whole new fashion level.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Prada Fall/Winter 2015 Womenswear Review | Milan Fashion Week

Elegant sixties inspired tailoring with a futuristic twist made everyone swoon at the Prada AW15 RTW Womenswear collection. Miuiccia Prada, the fashion brand’s designer, helped bring a whole new meaning to dressing up in your mother's expensive designer frocks.

Only the delicate tip-tap of a model walking out of the metallic box, with a futuristic Ping-Pong styled tune playing peacefully in the background was to be heard. Looking youthful and innocently girlish, all dressed in wonderfully pastel coloured baby doll prom dresses and vintage tweed trouser suits, whilst having very cute and ever so charming high ponytails; adorned by a rhinestone flower clip.

An impactful colour pallet. Soft shades of peach, green, periwinkle blue and bubble-gum pink were dominant in the dynamic collection. Almost like looking ever-so-carefully inside a box of deliciously tasteful macaroons, which inevitably gave off a very innocent and childlike feel. This was also shown with the models make-up, very minimal yet meticulously precise in detail. A hint of a blush, a nude lip and just a smudge of a peach coloured eye-shadow to define the eye, embeds the youthful and playful theme.

Accessories played a large part in Prada’s collection, adding a subtle and polished sophistication to the garments. Oversized embellished crystal broaches in the shape of cute flower stems, playful hair clips carefully holding the model's high-raised ponytails, elongated pastel coloured evening gloves, and shoulder-bows, added a sense of wearing your mother's rather large and vintage embellishments with your school dress. They helped bring Miuccia’s powerful creations to life, adding a timeless opulence and very modern twist to a vintage-feel collection.

The bold use of ethnic diversity was also apparent in the show. Miuccia has been criticised strongly for her previous shows due to casting all-white models to wear her collections. However casting newcomers Lineisy Montero and Aya Jones (above), which were the clear standouts at the show, alongside Mica Arganaraz was a perfect move.

Ms Prada got this collection flawlessly right, taking the fashion brand to a whole new, bittersweet level. A cleverly played juxtaposition compared to the brands last highly praised collection, which was romantically dark and mysterious, a world away from the sickly sweet princess themed pieces. The final impression was of timeless elegance and was a clear standout of Milan Fashion week. How darling!