Saturday, 28 February 2015

Prada Fall/Winter 2015 Womenswear Review | Milan Fashion Week

Elegant sixties inspired tailoring with a futuristic twist made everyone swoon at the Prada AW15 RTW Womenswear collection. Miuiccia Prada, the fashion brand’s designer, helped bring a whole new meaning to dressing up in your mother's expensive designer frocks.

Only the delicate tip-tap of a model walking out of the metallic box, with a futuristic Ping-Pong styled tune playing peacefully in the background was to be heard. Looking youthful and innocently girlish, all dressed in wonderfully pastel coloured baby doll prom dresses and vintage tweed trouser suits, whilst having very cute and ever so charming high ponytails; adorned by a rhinestone flower clip.

An impactful colour pallet. Soft shades of peach, green, periwinkle blue and bubble-gum pink were dominant in the dynamic collection. Almost like looking ever-so-carefully inside a box of deliciously tasteful macaroons, which inevitably gave off a very innocent and childlike feel. This was also shown with the models make-up, very minimal yet meticulously precise in detail. A hint of a blush, a nude lip and just a smudge of a peach coloured eye-shadow to define the eye, embeds the youthful and playful theme.

Accessories played a large part in Prada’s collection, adding a subtle and polished sophistication to the garments. Oversized embellished crystal broaches in the shape of cute flower stems, playful hair clips carefully holding the model's high-raised ponytails, elongated pastel coloured evening gloves, and shoulder-bows, added a sense of wearing your mother's rather large and vintage embellishments with your school dress. They helped bring Miuccia’s powerful creations to life, adding a timeless opulence and very modern twist to a vintage-feel collection.

The bold use of ethnic diversity was also apparent in the show. Miuccia has been criticised strongly for her previous shows due to casting all-white models to wear her collections. However casting newcomers Lineisy Montero and Aya Jones (above), which were the clear standouts at the show, alongside Mica Arganaraz was a perfect move.

Ms Prada got this collection flawlessly right, taking the fashion brand to a whole new, bittersweet level. A cleverly played juxtaposition compared to the brands last highly praised collection, which was romantically dark and mysterious, a world away from the sickly sweet princess themed pieces. The final impression was of timeless elegance and was a clear standout of Milan Fashion week. How darling!



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