Tuesday, 16 September 2014

free from education

As of today I am officially free from education, something I have been a part of since I was just three-years-old. Gone are the days of writing up tedious essay plans, or getting absolutely mortal, I mean reasonably drunk.

I almost feel like a bird, flying the nest for the very first time (I'm not normally this cheesy). This is the first time, within my adult life, that I have not been dependant on education, no more structure. It is now my time to step up and shine.

I have previously been studying BA Magazine Journalism at UoB, a University that isn't highly praised throughout the media, and the location is not the ideal place but I believe was an incredible University and I had a delightful experience.

Writing has not always been at the forefront of my future career plan; I once wanted to work for the F.B.I after watching Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. Although I do remember the enjoyment, as if transported to another realm, as I penned pen-to-paper and delved deep into my creative side during my early English lessons.

I was not sure if I was good enough to study Journalism at first, I'd chosen to attend a dismal college, with dismal teachers whom made me feel very inadequate about my passion; one teacher asking if I'd ever had a dyslexia test. My confidence for writing was extremely low, believing my work was simply suboptimal. Nonetheless I decided to follow my dreams, and I'm proud to say I achieved a 2:1 (Hons) in Journalism, this sounds very similar to a typical X Factor sob story.

As well as studying, I auspiciously interned at four successful magazines whilst studying (yes, this added even more sleepless nights to my sleepless nights!) Gay Times, Heat, Dazed & Confused and Closer magazines. Interning at these establishments gave me a real thirst for the industry and gave me an added passion for writing. Travelling to-and-from London was an arduous situation; something my long legs came in very handy whilst sprinting through Kings Cross. I met some incredibly talented industry professionals along the way and made sure I soaked up every bit of advice available.

I do believe interning helped me profoundly whilst studying. A degree is one thing, but having real, first-hand experience of the field you aspire to work in is crucial within today's dog-eat-dog society. Even if it is a week full of packing, organising and posting returns to different PR companies, make it enjoyable!

These past three years have been a blast. I've met some incredible people and each one of them has moulded me into the person that I am today.

My new chapter starts today.


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