Tuesday, 16 September 2014

burberry's newest protégé: james bay

Until Burberry Prorsum Spring 2015 prestigious fashion show I was blissfully unaware of the mysterious yet incredibly alluring British singer, James Bay. His voice filled with raw passion and superb vocal skills captivated the Burberry audience in London, attended by the cult of fashion royalty including Kate Moss and newcomer Cara Delevingne. He performed a collection of songs including: Clocks Go Forward, When We Were on Fire and Scar. The Indie/Folk singer showcased his soulful, guitar-based tracks exclusively at Burberry.

Burberry's Creative Director, Christopher Bailey, has been a huge supporter of new musical talent, regularly enthusing fashion and music at his shows. He unveiled the singing sensation, Tom Odell live during his Prorsum AW13 show. Bailey spoke candidly about his fondness of Odell after his show, "I was just obsessively listening to his music. And even if I was listening to something else, I was listening to something that might've been in the Tom world." He also featured the eccentric singer Paloma Faith in his AW14 show. It somehow seems like an appropriate location for James Bay's unveiling to the world.

Music is as important to fashion as fashion is as important to music. The two work hand-in-hand, without one the other could essentially not survive. Who wants to watch a fashion show in silence? I mean it could be quite iconic to hear just the fierce, loud stomps of a beautiful fashion model cavorting down the catwalk.

Bay's final performance during the show was the haunting love ballad, Scars. The superb track transports you to another realm. A song dedicated to his girlfriend whom had to move to America; thankfully they are still together! The track took Bay two years to write, although with such powerful, adorning lyrics, it seizes to shock, "We lived through scars this time and I've made up my mind, we can't leave us behind anymore." The lyrics have a genuine rawness that really draws you into his story, his love story. It comes as no surprise that he's been fully embraced by fashion icon Christopher Bailey.

The singer, from Hertfordshire, also has a strong signature look helping him stand out above the rest of hopeful, budding singers. James, donning a black trilby hat and always having a guitar intact proves fashion and music are a force to be reckoned with. His face, strongly chiselled, with chocolate coloured, shoulder length hair, he looks fresh off a SS15 season in Milan. Bay’s diligent efforts have finally come to fruition after years of busking on streets.

Bay has yet to release an album; however he released his EP, Dark of the Morning in 2013, with a second extended version, Let It Go, the following year. He's also previously supported pop's newest sensation, James Newman, the Irish Indie band, Kodaline and Tom Odell. After his recent exposure, I am sure he will soon be fully welcomed into the Great-British-bosom. Everyone wants to know who the trilby hat-wearing singer featured in the Burberry show is! His burgeoning career is soon to take off, watch this space!

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